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I get the conundrum; good boys give you a sense of security and bad boys give good cake by the ocean.

I’ve tried to settle on someone my father could bro out with — which I understand to be the litmus test for good relationship, right?

In fact, the whole reason you got into the relationship, aside from pheromones and oxytocin, probably flirted with one of these three common reasons below: You Probably Just Wanted To Learn How Take More Risks Bad boys tend not to be risk averse; time and time again you watch them push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Career, money, health, drugs, sex, and love — they bend all these things to their will and it’s mesmerizing to watch. Eventually, you’ll find yourself doing similar things to keep up with him — which is what you probably wanted to try in the first place.

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Do you really need to put up with a bad boy to get the thrills of personal growth?

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