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It’s sad but sometimes true – perhaps the conversation with the person you like is nothing more than an ego-boost for them. If someone is only messaging you when they’ve admitted they’re out with friends, or asking you for photos but not sending any in return, don’t fall into the trap of being entertainment for their mates.7) Back-up plan A reason that penpal style dating scenarios don’t develop into real-life meet ups is that sometimes the other person has already pigeon-holed you as a back-up plan If things don’t work out with someone else.

Are you currently stuck in a penpal dating situation and wondering why you’re not meeting up in real life?

11) Busy lives It sounds like the worst excuse ever but sometimes people are genuinely busy, so the reason this hasn’t converted into a face-to-face meetup is because work keeps getting in the way.

12)Too shy It’s virtually impossible to judge someone’s character solely from speaking to them over an app or website.

“He said to me he’ll need a transplant and he said his blood type was prohibitive, he was O negative.

And his wife and family couldn’t donate,” Eldridge said. “She just kind of jokingly said ‘Well, I will give you a kidney,’” he said.

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“I just laughed it off.” But a few weeks later, she called back. Eldridge had blood taken by her doctor in Melbourne and then shipped to the United States. It wasn’t the first time they had met, but it certainly felt like the most memorable visit.