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They're married and would go out with you but they have to be careful to not let their wife find out and the date/time you selected didn't work.3. Myself I'm not into all the melodramatics that comes with it as well as the nasty name-calling that comes with it as can almost bet that when a guy does step up and say he's not interested; he hasn't heard the last of it. Eventually the other party will realize they're just not going to get to first base here..they skip merrily along. Taking time to get to know people before going out isn't such a bad thing.This isn't a fast food resturaunt, although sometimes it seems like one.if i dont get time or just dont feel like loggin in for a couple of days. )OK its not as simple as this but it might be of relevance There are probably those in need of an ego stroke - there are prolli those who are simply cruising the pages to use they're 'typing talent' in communiqué for effect and other purpose AND there are those for whom the Internet is a screen behind which they can facelessly hide and act out fantasy or play out a need. I think this is the email culture that we deal with where everyone is anonomous so we can all be rude.Its a two way thing of course - a couple of emails doesnt really constitute the requirement of a meet, and i agree with sly's comments - BUT one thing is certain - you'll probably have a mixture of those who have said things they dont mean - those who are busy - those who dont want a relationship and dont know how to say anything and those that have forgotten even about this site (until they get a mail advising so and so member has joined this week! Oh and this one in particular sent me an email after the phone call I made to him and said "thanks for the phone call but I was doing this ______ tonight", but then of course never called me back.

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Then coming back a week or so later and saying how great you are then they are gone again.

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