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Right now, all of our collective energy must be devoted to identifying the whereabouts of the missing, supporting the call for blood donations and rallying around the city of Manchester in this dark hour. This is not an opportunity for the well-meaning to win medals in the social justice Olympics, nor for the anger of millions to metamorphose into hatred towards an entire religious group.

To engage in either is self-indulgent, counterproductive and, frankly, helps no one.

She said: 'Because of lack of sleep, genes, dehydration, I get bags under my eyes and I wanted to get them lightened.

So I went to my doctor, Simon [Ourian, a renowned cosmetic surgeon in LA] – he's Kim Kardashian's doctor.'Faryal has also had fillers in her cheeks. However, she denies that this surgery adding: 'I've never had plastic surgery.

Families and friends of potential victims can appeal for information at the click of a mouse and appeals for blood donations can be circulated to a wide audience. Before the police had even confirmed the nature of the incident, there came spurious retweets of images from a long-passed emergency services drill, American Trump supporters tweeting premature hypotheses on the cause of the blast with feigned intellectual authority.If I wasn't married to Amir Khan, I'd probably be a regular girl and I might not do it.Those looking for love in Manchester will find themselves spoilt for choice, with venues like Tiger Tiger and Pitcher and Piano holding regular speed dating nights for age groups including 22-34, 26-38 and 30-42.As the sun rose in the UK this morning and the reality began to dawn about what had happened in Manchester last night, social media was ablaze with the wholly predictable responses to what appears to be an unfathomably heinous terror attack on an arena full of young people.Social media has proven itself to be a hugely useful tool in the response to such events.

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The truth is we should by now have learned to presume nothing in such circumstances.