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I’ve know him for a while now, but his resourcefulness in picking up girls still surprises me. Premarital sex and adultery are considered serious offences.Walking in public with a member of the opposite sex (that is not a relative) is also a crime but rarely enforced in major cities.I’m not naturally shy but then again this is the first time in my three weeks in Iran that a girl has talked to me without being introduced first.“But you should have carved your phone number onto the skin.” Now, it’s my turn to grin.

Or the one where the girl tried to smuggle him into her room by tying bedsheets together. Probably the most uplifting story I’ve heard is of my friend Nourah, who met her boyfriend during a rock concert in Tehran.Often, the woman accepts this arrangement only because of pressure from her parents.While she might live a poor life, her absence allows her original family some financial relief.Luckily for them, most Iranians don’t agree with these laws and since most people Iran are under 26 (contraceptives were forbidden in the first years following the revolution), they grew up learning how to avoid detection, how to speak obliquely, and, when the shit hits the fan, how to bribe officials.Abbas is a prime example of this behavior, even though by now means does he represent the majority of twenty somethings.

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A sigheh can take anywhere between 5 minutes and 99 years, with the man paying a dowry to the woman on consummation of the marriage.