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Then, play through the level until you reach the 1971-era test facility.When Cave starts talking about testing on hobos, below one of the test spheres and a giant Aperture logo is a room marked "CONTROL ROOM" in yellow lettering.On one end of the chasm is a platform with three of the Vitrified Doors.Listen to the audio that plays when you hit the buttons in front of each of the sealed doors.

So some people kind of laugh, but then they’re not sure and by the end…if it’s an audience that has seen me perform several times and who knows the song, it’s just this dead quiet all the way through. It’s like, “Your books are funny,” because there are very amusing parts in them and all that sort of stuff.

COULTON: Because those are the things that move farther and faster on the internet.

Nobody’s looking at a bunch of sad videos on You Tube.

And so they hear that stuff first, and I think they get a particular idea about me, you know it happens all the time that I’ll see on Twitter somebody will say, “Oh, my God.

Jonathan Coulton writes a lot of sad songs.” Because they’re just discovering them and it’s surprising to them. COULTON: But yeah, they all feel like sad songs to me.

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You can use a portal to get high above the Control Room and enter a small office.

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