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The idea of the Absolut DIY event, organised in conjunction with the creative conference Offset, is to let conversation and collaboration flow between self-starting people who have proved their worth doling out advice to those who want to get to where they are.

Ready to listen and talk are Sharon Greene of Queens of Neon, Sinéad Bailey Kelly and Deirdre Young of Hunt & Gather, Kim Willoughby of Damn Fine Print and Róisín Agnew of magazine and of this newspaper.

Bailey Kelly says there is a “disconnected generation of people who have these places, and it’s almost impossible for a younger generation to have access to said spaces.” “They could have a space that is sitting there vacant,” says Young.

“Rather than have people use it or do something with it, they would prefer it to be vacant, which is mind-boggling to us.” This week, the results of an 18-month audit by Dublin City Council identified 151 vacant plots between the canals, along with 131 sites with derelict buildings left unused.

The frustration in the city among those who want to do something with boarded-up buildings or disused warehouses is palpable.

If nine-to-five work is a closed container, creativity as work sees it leak and spread across several areas.I don’t know if we would have set up had there not been a recession, because we were very much subconsciously driven by a DIY attitude, which was the spirit in Ireland at the time, without realising it. We had nothing to lose.” Agnew is newer to this game.She began her bimonthly magazine after a Kickstarter project saw the publication reach its target in just four days.It runs workshops and courses, does offsite events and produces its own affordable art.“When we set up, it was right in the recession: 2010.

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