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For his recent performance in the Japanese-Korean co-produced film "Boat," Satoshi learned Korean and delivered some lines in Korean.In his free time Satoshi Tsumabuki is an avid music fan and even formed the band "Basking Life" back in 1999 with his brother.Can't wait to see his journey to find his 24 body parts!! For now, I'll try to watch his previous and newest film projects just to get a feel of how he can act. Even though I am 8 years his senior, I would be a cougar for that beautiful cub anyday. He role-played the character Hyakki-maru so well in Dororo.The fighting sequences with Satoshi against his brother and father was amazing!Indeed, that element never entirely ...― Though it looks simple on the surface, Anime-Gataris is much more than just another slice-of-life comedy about an anime club.

They made it look good despite the funny and awkward demon animation. ♥♥♥ @comment#9: He was already casted in a hollywood film titled "Tokyo Drift" he's the one that give the Go!

It contains a mixture of traditional Chinese martial arts but stayed true to samurai/assassin techniques. signal in one of the race scene..though its only a minor role still, he's been a part of a hollywod film...

I'm superb excited they are continuing the live action! Though i haven't watch some of your tv dramas and movies i think you are a good actor.

Although he doesn't pursue his musical career in earnest, he does find music to be the best instrument to express himself and relieve stress.

Satoshi has also stated that actor and likewise semi-pro musician Tadanobu Asano is his favorite actor.

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