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Updating sky hd

Thankswhere are you mcsween, might be someone near with uk card, yes they are on adverts ie but the ad mentions FREEVIEW and that is UK terrestial!! We take a closer look at Sky Digital’s High Definition TV service, and the Sky HD satellite TV recorder.The Anytime service uses space on the hard disk, and captures some top Sky TV programmes and movies overnight. stunning picture, a powerful box, and the promise of more good stuff to come.This means that there’s always a selection of programmes ready to watch on-demand. Put your HD-ready telly through its paces, and enjoy!

High Definition TV pictures are lot sharper and clearer than standard TV pictures – with four times more detail than standard TV broadcasts.You will know if the software has been updated as you may find the Sky digibox reset itself whilst you are viewing a channels.How to Perform a Manual Software Update for Sky HD Digiboxes1) Put the Sky digibox into Standby mode. You do this by pressing and holding the Standby Button on the Sky remote control for about 10 seconds, until the red light appears on the front of the Sky HD or Sky HD box.2) Once the red light is on the Sky box, release the Standby button on the Sky Remote control.3) Locate the button on the front of the Sky digibox, named “Back Up”. )4) Press and hold down the “Back Up” button.5) WHILE HOLDING DOWN THE BACK UP BUTTON, press the Sky button on the top of the Sky remote control.6) Keep holding down the BACK UP button on the Sky HD box7) The Sky HD PLease wait message will appear on the screen9) Only after the four lights illuminate and the message appears should you release the back-up button.10) After about 10 minutes the Sky digibox will return to “standby” (amber light).11) Leave the Sky digibox in standby for 2 or 3 minutes as it carries out a self check and applied any new software.10) Switch Sky digibox out of standby (green LED illuminates).11) The Sky digibox will take a few minutes “Searching For Listings”.12) Your Sky digibox should now be operating on the latest available version of software.Sky HD comes with a special Sky satellite receiver, the Sky HD Box, which is basically the popular Sky box with an output for connection to a high definition TV.There’s more information the Sky HD box over on Sky’s HD site at sky.com/shop/boxes/sky-hd-box Here are some of the benefits of the Sky HD service and the Sky HD digibox: Sky HD Box – New customers pay no installation fee if ordering Sky HD online with broadband and phone calls.

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