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As the insults and the drama got more intense, Cheryl claimed in one lengthy message that T. Despite the stunning allegations, the Harris family went ahead with their vacation plans because Tiny allegedly didn’t want to hurt her children. That’s about the time that Zonnique Pullins got involved and came for Cheryl in defense of her mom. She claimed that her dad and stepmom only call to check up on her but can’t even be bothered to come visit.

To make matters even more surprising, in her social media fight with Cheryl Pullins, Tiny didn’t even deny the allegations and instead said that issue was between T. She fired off a nasty Instagram message and claimed that Cheryl and Zebo “don’t do half” of what Tiny and T. Zonnique even used a few specific examples, including a photo shoot that was right by their house.

Surrounded by family and friends to avoid her mind from wandering and being “so sad,” both Tiny — who found herself “very upset and depressed for awhile” — and T. spent the hours after the birth in the hospital room with their daughter Leyah Amore.

For the devastated mother, the idea of leaving the hospital without her baby girl was understandably hard to swallow.

Can you actually believe that both of them are quite young and they are having such a kind of mature loving relationship in their life!

Both of them have grown up, they know what is right and what is wrong, they have taken life seriously now.

On the regular basis, we see the pictures and photos of this couple.

It has been observed now that the relationship and bonding status of this couple have been getting serious day by day.

“After Leyah was born, I kept her in the room with me the whole day.

In a new interview with Essence.com, Tiny opens up about her pregnancy struggles, sharing that the sac that held her baby girl “was split in two and they had not combined by the time she had turned 16 weeks old.” With her daughter “positioned in the middle of those two sacs in her own sac,” Tiny was told to prepare for the “possibility that [the baby] could get tied up in her umbilical cord.” Despite the doctor’s warnings, according to Tiny, the thought of losing the baby never crossed her mind.

In fact, says the singer, her doctors informed her that all was well with her baby, as things seemed to be under control.

, both of them look cute and adorable cute together as both of them are in their teens.

But if you will be checking out their love and binding status then you will be getting this thought that their love has been quite matured up!

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Before you examine her dating life details, we inform you that this pretty young girl does not have that long list of guys in his life.